Keyword research

Keyword research is the first task to be execute prior running organic campaign or paid campaign. Google and other search engine's will not give ranking for whole site, it give ranking score only for each individual pages. Google always check that your pages are relating your targeting keyword.

Basically purpose of doing SEO is to get more visitors. Now you must ask a question to yourself, that how people search for your product or services on search engines?. Here we come with keyword research for you. Our keyword research comes with the list of keywords, where you can choose the most related to your business. Our SEO specialists will suggest 5 to 10 keywords from that list. You can mostly choose that, as your targeting keyword.

Search Volume Report

Our keyword research & analysis report contain search volume for each keyword. This is very important data to make decisions. You can calculate an average visits, that if your pages ranked for targeting keywords.

Competition Report

The report gives you competition details for each keywords, if the competition is hard you need to put more efforts to rank and if it is low the competing page numbers are very low. Duration to rank a page is depend on the competition.

Our company has created more than 1000 keyword research report's and our clients loved it, as it's very accurate and detail. More over the report will give search volume breakdown by country, city, device, and demography.


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